How to Use the Voiceover and Voice Enhancement Features on TikTok (With audio)

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By Tiktok

TikTok is a platform for narration; a platform where individuals push the frontiers of creativity on a daily basis to create innovative, fascinating material. Our array of editing features is always growing to allow our users present themselves in a fresh and interesting ways. Voiceover is the most recent update to our toolbox.

With Voiceover, businesses, consumers, and Producers can easily add a voiceover recording to their video content, allowing them to tell their narrative, sing along to their own favourite music, or produce teaching material – and with a variety of extra voice alteration effects ranging from baritone to chipmunk and even beyond, the possibilities for enhancing your video are limitless.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Yes, it is. Here’s a fast how-to for adding voiceovers to your TikToks.

What is the location of the Voiceover tool?

TikTok’s video processing suite includes the Voiceover feature. It’s in the dropdown bar on the right side of the edit page.

What is the purpose of the Voiceover tool?

1. Begin by recording your TikTok video as usual, then proceed to the editing page.

2. Just on editing screen, press the ‘Voiceover’ icon in the bottom right corner, which is represented by a mic symbol.

3. Navigate to the portion of the video wherever you want to record your voiceover, then hit the ‘Record’ icon to get started.

4. After you’ve recorded your voiceover, you may augment it with a selection of voice enhancements. To enable a variety of effects, use the ‘Voice effects’ icon (immediately above the ‘Voiceover’ icon). You may even mix over one effect to get impressive effects.

5. Once you’ve completed recording and editing your voiceover, use the ‘Loudness’ tool (found in the very same dropdown menu as the ‘Voiceover’ tool) and move the ‘Original sound’ switch to change the volume.

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