Voice Over FAQs

What Other Considerations Should you Make When Choosing a Voice actor?

Voice acting has come a long way from the days of radio and television ads. The expansion of video and the lowering of obstacles to publishing on multiple channels has increased both demand and supply for a range of voice acting abilities. Request for published work and do some research on the performer’s media reputation if they have any previous VO experience. Inquire about ‘in character’ samples and availability, especially if you’re planning a long-term endeavour.

So What Would I ask a Prospective Voice-over Actor?

By asking the correct questions, you can determine whether the voice talent is a good fit for your project. Request demos and listen to them to see if they have the voice range you require. Inquire about the recording equipment they utilise. In this scenario, you truly get what you pay for. Always enquire about their previous experiences and study customer feedback. Request more references if the first few aren’t enough or aren’t appropriate to your needs.

Is There Anything I Need to Provide for My Voice Over Performer?

A professional voice actor can advise you on the best way to proceed with your voice over. You will, however, need to provide the script you need them to read and explain the tone you want the piece to have. You must have a clear notion of how you need it to sound and be capable of articulating it.

What Distinguishes an Excellent Voiceover?

The ability of the voice talent you use is virtually solely responsible for the excellence of your voice over. A competent voice actor will have flawless enunciation (i.e., will be easy to understand), talk at a comfortable tempo (not too fast or too slow), and have a pleasant voice. They should also be able to act and portray the feelings or emotions that the script calls for, employing voice variation and tone to make the words entertaining while also portraying the proper atmosphere.

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