The Five Different Types Of Voiceovers

Professional voiceover services can be divided into five categories:

1. Commercial Voiceover — This includes adverts on the radio and podcasts, as well as commercials on television and over-the-top (OTT) and internet videos. These usually involve a spokesperson or character promoting a product or service to customers or corporations.

2. Storytelling Technical videos, documentary, online tutorials, explainer videos, or business training materials all require voiceover. The voiceover talent in these projects tells the audience a story or takes them through certain tasks, frequently with the help of animation or recorded footage.

3. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) / Voice Prompts / Telephony – Any voice-based technology, such as digital assistants (such as Siri, Alexa), in-app voice interface, PA systems (such as at the airport), as well as phone trees, falls under this category (think: on-hold messaging). It’s a very technical type of voiceover work.

4. Animation & Gaming – Professional voice actors use their acting skills to bring characters and tales to life. These can range from brief internet video animation to feature films and blockbusters of all lengths.

5. Promotions, Affiliates, and Trailers — These brief advertisements promote forthcoming television shows, films, as well as special broadcast events.

Now that you’ve learned about the five various sorts of voiceovers, it’s time to think about how you want your sonic branding to sound. Then you’ll need to find the right voiceover talent to do the job.

Finding the proper voice for your company doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time, money, or other resources. It’s as simple as ordering a cab or joining up for a new streaming platform with

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