Why Podcasts Are Good For Your Kids

By Azuni Voice

Podcasters produce material for a variety of objectives, like brand awareness, audience interaction, and knowledge sharing about a topic that is important to them. Different podcasts on your topic should be listened to. Discover the best podcasts on the subject of your children’s choice.

The Kids & Family area on your phone’s podcast app should be jam-packed with fun listening options, from podcasts that read stories at bedtime to programmes that study science and technology. Parents that listen to podcasts alongside their children think it’s a fun experience for the whole family, according to research.

Podcasts activate mental images more vividly than viewing or reading, according to one study, and require listeners to pay more attention. Because individuals listen to podcasts rather than watching them, they are forced to utilize their imagination and create mental images.

Children’s imaginations are sparked more by audio education than by video. It basically helps unlock their minds by allowing children to use their occipital lobes to imagine images instead of processing inbound visual information from a video.

Audio enables children to absorb information at grade levels up to three times greater than their reading proficiency level, implying that audio can help your child learn faster.

Compared to children who merely read about the same topics, children who learn concepts through audio lessons are much more likely to engage in follow-up dialogues about the material. Children are also more likely to retain and own the learning if they participate in talks.

According to a recent Kids Listen research, approximately 75% of families reported that after listening to a podcast, their children began talking about it. Children frequently repeat or reenact parts of the episode, tell others about what they learned from the podcast, desire to listen to it again, and ask for more information about what they learned.

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