10 Companies Hiring for Freelance Voice Over Jobs

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Freelance professionals use their skills independently to find jobs on a project-by-project basis. Working as a freelance voice-over artist requires both vocal abilities and technical knowledge of audio recording processes. Knowing how to find jobs as a freelance voice-over artist is an important part of this career. In this article, we explain the business of voice-over work, list companies that hire freelance voice-over artists and offer tips to help you succeed in this career path.

What is voice-over work?

Voice-over work is a form of employment using your vocal abilities to record audio for different purposes across many industries. Voice over professionals speak from a script to express ideas, using audio recording devices to save, edit and send their work to clients. Professionals in this industry are often referred to as “voice-over artists” because their work involves using creative vocal expression to tell a story, share information or act as a character.

Voice-over work is often freelance with companies hiring professionals for single projects and compensating talent based on the complexity of the recording or a set fee. Companies across multiple industries use voice-over artists to complete recordings for both internal and external needs. For example, corporations may hire voice-over talent to record internal messages or audio content for advertising campaigns. Voice-over artists can also find work in the entertainment industry recording character voices for video games, animated films or television shows and e-books.

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Types of voice-over work

Most industries use voice-over work in their marketing efforts, employee training, entertainment productions and other projects. Here are some of the main ways voice-over artists use their talents to create audio recordings for business and entertainment purposes including types of products or situations:

  • Video recordings: Voice-over professionals record audio based on a script that matches video images.
  • E-book narrators: Voice-over artists are needed to narrate audiobook content for independent authors and publishing companies.
  • Audio assistants: Digital programs that serve as audio assistant interfaces use recorded phrases from voice-over artists as prompts and responses for voice commands.
  • Telephone greetings: A voice-over artist may record various telephone greetings for businesses.
  • Animation: Voice over artists with a background in acting may add their voices to characters in animation for entertainment. Animation used for informational purposes also uses voice talent for narration.
  • Video games: Character voices and narration for video games are other sources of work for voice-over talent.
  • E-learning: Digital educational tools need voice-over talent for various recordings related to teaching content for learners of all ages and subjects.
  • Radio advertising: Both traditional and online radio stations play advertisements as part of their programming schedules. Voice-over artists use their talents for character voices, informational narration and other means in radio ads.

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10 companies hiring for freelance voice-over jobs

Companies that hire freelance voice-over artists typically allow voice talent to upload a demo and create a profile that prospective clients can peruse. As a voice-over artist, you can list the types of voice work you specialize in such as the age, gender and special characteristics of your vocal performance skills.

Some platforms offer freelance artists the opportunity to send in a demo to be considered for work, while others allow users to upload sample files that can be searched by prospective clients. Most companies hiring freelance voice-over artists require you to own high-quality recording equipment to prepare audio tracks for client use.

Here are some of the main companies hiring for freelance voice-over jobs:

1. Filmless

FIlmless hires freelance voice-over artists to record audio for video projects from clients ranging from large-scale to startup clients. They look for remote freelance artists with at least 5 years of proven experience in a wide range of voice-over subjects. Filmless asks freelance talent to complete projects within 24 hours, edit and master their audio recordings and rerecord based on client requests.

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