Our founder, best selling Amazon author Mark Weeks created Azuni Voice out of the frustration of recording his own voice, and the associated costs of voiceover artists. Of course voice over artists must eat too, but he felt with spiralling costs of self-publishing there must be alternatives for those of us without lucrative publishing contracts. And he wished to eat too:)

The latest member of the Azuni family – little Azuni – I know, you couldn’t make it up:)

Azuni Voice is part of Azuni World – a small UK creative agency with big fresh ideas.

We have long held the belief that the more people we can help live more productive happy lives, the more we will be able to do the work we love and get paid for it. Call it selfish – but it’s just the way of the Azuni World. We develop long term relationships for long term gains, for everyone – no wham bam thank you mam here:)

What We Do

We create professional voice overs using the latest A.I. technology.

You supply the text. We’ll engineer the voice with the right tone, speed and breath to give it that human touch. (See our rates).

From blogs, self-help audio books, Ads, videos, and educational courses.

We will deliver a first rate audio; even adding background music if you wish, that you can use anywhere to promote your product.

Azuni World

Our Process

We work a little differently than most marketing and copywriting authorities. Firstly, you don’t start by buying a plan and then we throw basic content at you.  

You and your business are unique. We’ll work with you to select the most beneficial ideas for your budget, timeline and goals. Then, we research and start implementing – while you sit back and look after business.

When it comes to our voice overs we take a similar approach. Sometimes the text requires editing a little to flow with a voice. The pattern of speech may require modifying to bring out the best of your work. It’s not as simple as pressing a few buttons, it takes a good ear, patience and a little extra creativity before we put our name to anything.

And we give a full money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.


Privacy Policy

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