How To Go Viral on Tik Tok

by Azuni Voice

TikTok allows anyone, regardless of the following count, to go viral. Learn how to make your content stand out. TikTok isn’t just for dancing teenagers anymore. The platform has evolved into one of today’s most dynamic social media communities. It’s also one of the few social media networks that enable going viral attainable in a way that few others do.

Anyone, whether they have 5 or 100K followers, may go viral on TikTok. It’s not by chance. The app’s algorithm gives all users an equal chance to go viral and create a following over time. It’s a rare case of social media meritocracy.

Despite being a mostly democratic system, there still are ways to make TikTok material that is prepared to go viral. In reality, the best strategies to make a TikTok post go viral typically include just genuinely participating with the TikTok audience.

Recognize Trends

It’s simple to see why TikTok began with a younger demographic. It is fiercely trend-driven, bringing memes as well as video formats to the forefront. The next great phenomenon may sweep over in a matter of days.

Make Use of Humour

Comedy is an important aspect of every social media platform, but it is TikTok’s core currency. From lifestyles vlogging to workout motivation videos, comedy connects them all.

Every TikTok community, even the most serious ones, allows members to show off some sense of humour. Your videos should be no exception.

Hashtags are Essential.

Hashtags are among the ranking signals used by the TikTok algorithm. This means that using hashtags in your description of the video makes it easier for the algorithm to place it before people who will reply to it.

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What Makes Your Advertisements Memorable and Emotional

By Azuni Voice

Most ads that get people to share them and buy can be summed up in a single word: emotive. That shouldn’t come as a shock. People make brand choices based on emotions rather than information, according to studies, and emotional responses to advertising have a greater impact on a person’s desire to buy than the information in an ad.

People have long recognised six primary emotions: happiness, surprise, fear, disgust, anger, and sadness. Let’s look at how your company can use emotions to build connection and awareness based on four categories:


A good technique to establish a brand connection is to make an audience pleased. It also increases their likelihood of sharing your material. They’ll want to spread their joy to their friends and family. For decades, Coca-Cola has been launching campaigns that make people happy. Coca-Cola is an excellent example of this style of marketing, from their famed “I’d want to buy the world a Coke” to their “open happiness” motto.


In today’s world, we live in a consumerist society. As a result, individuals have a strong desire for the newest and most up-to-date versions of everything. Even though greed has a negative connotation, businesses frequently exploit it by advertising limited editions or collectible objects, as well as using short-term promotions and offers. People will buy based on both want and dread of losing out in such a strategy, which combines greed and fear.


You don’t have to appeal to people’s favourite emotions all of the time. Fear can be a beneficial feeling in some situations, especially if you’re trying to get people to take fast action. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) devised a campaign that used fear to emphasise the need of halting climate change. “Stop Climate Change Before It Changes You,” said the ad, which featured a guy with a fish’s head–a horrifying sight.


By appealing to your audience’s feeling of pride, you can make them feel good about themselves and also your business.

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What Makes a Good YouTube Thumbnail?

By Azuni Voice

When visitors browse YouTube, your video thumbnail is the very first thing they see. It’s a small, clickable static graphic that either captures their attention or allows them to browse past. YouTube will provide you with a selection of frames from the uploaded video to serve as this preview image, but this freeze-frame will rarely serve you well.

At a look, you need something that catches the eye and explains what your film is about. You want it to catch the attention of your target audience and make them think, “I need to watch this!”

Thumbnails that pique the interest of potential viewers and entice them to watch? When creating videos for your YouTube channel, the thumbnail may appear to be unimportant. You may well be thinking that as long as your content is decent, the thumbnail is unimportant.

According to Google suggestions, an appealing thumbnail should be 1280 pixels by 720 pixels with a minimum width of 640 pixels (1280 720 resolution). Furthermore, a 16.9 aspect ratio is preferable in YouTube players and previews.

Best techniques for creating YouTube thumbnails

So, how do you make good YouTube thumbnails? Here are eight crucial pointers to get you started.

Use the Appropriate YouTube Thumbnail Size.

If you’re going to take the time to produce a professional-looking thumbnail, make sure you start with the correct sizing and dimensions.

Your thumbnail image ought to be 1280 x 720 pixels in size, with a minimum width of 640 pixels, according to YouTube’s requirements. Aspect ratios of 16:9 are appropriate because they are commonly utilized in YouTube players and previews. It’s a big mistake to create a thumbnail image that’s too small. Although thumbnail images in YouTube search results are rather modest, keep in mind that YouTube videos can also be embedded.

Title text should be included in your YouTube thumbnails.

Including text heads on your video thumbnail has several advantages, the most important of which is that it provides viewers with extra context about your movie. A basic image, no matter how lovely, will not convey that your video is a superb tutorial that will answer one of your visitors’ most pressing concerns. Capture that primary notion in a fascinating title that will pique the interest of those who will see your film.

Make a fantastic photo in the background of your YouTube thumbnail.

Strong graphics are vital for capturing your audience’s attention. A high-quality image that serves as a teaser for the video not only provides context but also allows your audience to become acquainted with your style.


The thumbnail function on YouTube is never out of date. It is crucial in redesigning your channel with new designs and tactics. Strong YouTube thumbnails will entice your viewers to watch your video, while good video intros will keep them viewing and make the video stand out in the throng. You can’t go wrong with Azuni Voice if you need amazing voiceovers for a YouTube video. It’s one of the most professional tools designed for YouTubers.

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Ways to Improve Your Voice Acting

By Azuni Voice

It’s difficult to break into the voice-over industry. It’s just as competitive as any other acting career, if not more so, and you’ll need complete command of your voice to succeed. Azuni Voice has some advice for improving your talents and establishing your career.


Whereas voice overs are becoming more casual, there is something that is lost when recording a truly casual tone. You’ll need to exaggerate a little and enunciate more properly in certain spots to compensate. This is usually easy to figure out by recording yourself and focusing on the areas where you could seem slurred or unclear.

Make Use of Quality Equipment

As talented as you are, selling your acting talent entails more than simply what you can accomplish with your voice. You will frequently have to share your talent in order to find job, and you will want to do so with decent equipment that will represent you well. Invest in a good microphone and audio editing software.

Learn the Material

Some voice-over jobs require a script that is very specific. Others allow for some improvisation and variation. In either scenario, you should be completely familiar with the required material. The better you get at it, the more precise you can deliver it and the more flavor you can add if necessary.

Azuni Voice is well-versed in voice overs for a variety of uses, and we provide a wide range of services, including AI on-hold messages, advertisements, and more. Check out our prices or get in touch with us right now for further information.

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Why Podcasts Are Good For Your Kids

By Azuni Voice

Podcasters produce material for a variety of objectives, like brand awareness, audience interaction, and knowledge sharing about a topic that is important to them. Different podcasts on your topic should be listened to. Discover the best podcasts on the subject of your children’s choice.

The Kids & Family area on your phone’s podcast app should be jam-packed with fun listening options, from podcasts that read stories at bedtime to programmes that study science and technology. Parents that listen to podcasts alongside their children think it’s a fun experience for the whole family, according to research.

Podcasts activate mental images more vividly than viewing or reading, according to one study, and require listeners to pay more attention. Because individuals listen to podcasts rather than watching them, they are forced to utilize their imagination and create mental images.

Children’s imaginations are sparked more by audio education than by video. It basically helps unlock their minds by allowing children to use their occipital lobes to imagine images instead of processing inbound visual information from a video.

Audio enables children to absorb information at grade levels up to three times greater than their reading proficiency level, implying that audio can help your child learn faster.

Compared to children who merely read about the same topics, children who learn concepts through audio lessons are much more likely to engage in follow-up dialogues about the material. Children are also more likely to retain and own the learning if they participate in talks.

According to a recent Kids Listen research, approximately 75% of families reported that after listening to a podcast, their children began talking about it. Children frequently repeat or reenact parts of the episode, tell others about what they learned from the podcast, desire to listen to it again, and ask for more information about what they learned.

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Top 5 Reasons Brands Create Videos

By Azuni Voice

Most marketers’ preferred tool for connecting with and reaching new audiences is video.

Video marketing is undeniably effective as well; in fact, including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by more than 80%, and simply mentioning the word “video” in your email topic line tends to increase open rates by 19%.

Here are some of the great reasons brands do videos and why you need to do so:

Google is a big video fan.

Visitors will spend more time on your site if you use videos. As a result, more exposure creates confidence and informs search engines that your site contains valuable material. Moovly provides us with some impressive numbers: If you have a video embedded on your website, you’re 53 times more likely to rank #1 on Google. Since Google acquired YouTube, the amount of influence videos have on your search engine ranking has increased significantly.

Mobile Users Respond to Video

Video and mobile are inextricably linked. 90% of people watch videos on their mobile devices. The number of mobile video views has increased by more than 233 percent since Q3 of 2019. Every year, according to YouTube, mobile video consumption increases by 100%. Because people prefer to view videos on the go, and the number of smartphone users continues to rise, your video audience will continue to expand.

Everything Can Be Explained Through Video Marketing

If you’re launching a new product or service, video marketing can help. To demonstrate how it works, create a video. Users claim they’ve watched an explanation video to understand more about a product or service, with 98 percent saying they’ve done so. As a result, 45 percent of companies who employ video marketing have an explanatory video on their main page. 83 percent of the companies stated their homepage explanation video was successful.

Video advertising is becoming more accessible and economical. Video adoption is increasing in part due to technological advancements, but it’s also because it’s simple to disseminate over the world. Creating marketing videos for your company involves both creativity and understanding of human psychology. The combination of these elements allows for the creation of true advertising miracles at a low cost.

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Transforming Your Bedroom to a Voice Studio

By Azuni Voice

It’s advisable to start by removing whatever we don’t need from the room before we start adding new stuff. You may not be able to entirely clean the area if it serves as a bedroom, living room, or other function. Anything that can be taken out should be taken out.

Good recordings are nearly impossible without acoustic treatment, and many beginners skip this step out of ignorance or a lack of funds, only to regret it later. Your bass traps should be your initial buy. There are two types of absorbers to choose from: porous and resonant absorbers.

When it comes to general acoustic issues, porous absorbers are like the first line of defense. They are highly successful at taming typical problems like as room modes, standing waves, flutter echo, and speaker-boundary interference response, and can be built from acoustic foam, fiberglass, or Rockwool. They’re effective because they have good broadband absorption, which means they act across the full frequency spectrum. Porous absorbers, despite their adaptability, have one major disadvantage.

Unless they’re made super-thick or spaced far away from the wall, they won’t be able to absorb the lowest bass frequencies. The reason for this is that they can only work when a sound wave is at its maximum velocity, which is 1/4-wavelength from the wall in your room. Because a 100 Hz wave is 11.3′ long, its maximum velocity is 2.8′ away from the wall.

Resonant absorbers work in the opposite way of tuned traps, focusing on specific problems with bass frequencies while disregarding everything else in the mid/upper range. Because the pressure is most up against the wall where the sound waves meet, resonant absorbers operate best there. This is advantageous because they take up significantly less space in the room. Helmholtz resonators, which absorb bass frequencies through a small port in an airtight cavity, and Diaphragmatic absorbers, which neutralize bass frequencies with a vibrating panel or membrane, are the two types you should be familiar with.

In most professional studios, porous and diaphragmatic absorbers operate together and simply alter the ratio to achieve the desired acoustics. With more porous absorption and more diaphragmatic absorbers, a drier “studio sound” can be created, whereas with less porous absorption and more diaphragmatic absorbers, an ambient “live sound” can be achieved.

Next, you’ll need to get some acoustic panels and diffusers. Several manufacturers also sell complete bundles that include everything you’ll need. Bass traps are typically placed in the room’s corners, as this is where the long-bass waves tend to congregate. Acoustic panels and diffusers can also be purchased to help balance surface reflections. Sound waves are frequently broken up by diffusers so that they don’t reflect off a flat wall surface.

How to Create a Good but Simple Facebook Ad Video: Create to Convert’ Framework

By Azuni Voice

According to a recent Animoto poll, 93 percent of marketers claim a video on social media helped them get a new customer. And one of the most effective ways for getting your videos in front of new potential customers on Facebook and Instagram is Facebook’s Ad Manager.

“An easy framework to add lightweight motion to still photos,” according to Create to Convert. Given that the number of marketers employing video in direct-response ads on Facebook and other platforms has surged 3.8X in the last year, a framework like this could be just what advertisers need right now.

Facebook makes it simple to target the proper audience for your company without breaking the bank. We’ve also made it easier to make the proper voiceover for your target audience. Are you ready to begin? Let’s dive in:

Still images can be animated in four easy ways to be used as video advertisements:

Basic motion

Adding one or two motion elements to still photographs to make them more animated. This results in a short film that “includes a call-to-action (CTA) card at the conclusion to drive your intended business outcome,” according to the website.

Brand in motion

Animating components of a logo or brand to “bring it to life” in a matter of seconds. This aids in brand recognition, but including a call-to-action card at the conclusion will encourage people to take action.

Benefit in motion

Using a basic short animation to animate the “primary benefit or message of your commercial.” Highlighting a “product benefit,” a “special offer or discount,” a “testimonial,” or a “product variation” highlights its value to your audience. Adding a CTA at the end of your message allows your viewers to “simply take the next step toward conversion.”

Demo in motion

Creating a brief presentation of how your “app, website, service, product, or feature” works, i.e. demonstrating how to use its features. Including a call to action at the end of your ad will inspire people to “seamlessly take action immediately from your ad.”

According to Facebook, it conducted 49 studies with brands using Create to Convert’s four production methodologies, with 69 percent of the firms seeing demonstrable positive effects. Shopback, for example, employed the strategy and achieved “a 5.5X higher conversion rate and a 5.7X lower cost per registration from video advertisements than from still ads alone.” Other firms “using both still and video ads experienced a 17 percent greater rate of conversions than brands utilizing simply still ads,” according to the study.

We can help you give your ads a voice and make them more dramatic and intriguing here at Azuni Voice. Please contact us and allow us to assist you.

Basics of a Home Voice Over Studio Equipment

There is no ‘proper’ time to set up your home studio in your voice-over profession. You could be a first-timer in the industry, with no experience, no agent, and more ‘No’s than a nasal spray. Perhaps you’re a seasoned pro with regular commercial work, a role voicing the lead character in a forthcoming video game, and ambitions to work outside your country’s boundaries.

Whatever your situation, you may believe that having a private studio would be extremely beneficial to your profession. And, while the time of this realization isn’t crucial, giving some thought to the piece of equipment you’ll be purchasing is.


For voice-over, a condenser microphone is excellent. Because they have a better audio signal, they can pick up a wider range of sounds. Definitely good for showcasing all of your voice’s oddities! A microphone stand is also required (which should hopefully come with the microphone).

Purchasing this microphone is a no-brainer for the professional. However, a newbie may want to investigate another option: the USB Microphone. This won’t produce the same high-quality sound, but it’s convenient for on-the-go artists and can be easily hooked into a computer. This would allow the newbie to avoid purchasing the next important item.


Headphones that are both appropriate and comfy. Headphones you’ll be happy to wear for hours on end. Because you’ll be wearing them for that long. Although wired headphones still provide the best value for money, Bluetooth is catching up.

An Audio Interface

Between the computer and the microphone, the audio interface will operate as a go-between. Simply connect the microphone into the interface with the XLR cable (which should come with the interface) and the sound waves from the microphone will be translated to a digital format on your computer.

The newcomer may have resisted purchasing this (for the time being) because of the USB microphone, but this should not be considered a permanent compromise.

A Pop Shield

The pop shield will be mounted to the front of your microphone to eliminate ‘popping’ noises, such as those heard when recording on your phone. One of these will help to improve the clarity of your voice.

A Quite Recording Environment

There are other soundproof, but pricey, options to consider. A sound booth, a whisper room, or a studio brick could easily be placed in an unoccupied corner of a room. These can cost up to £4,000, but for a voice-over artist with a steady, comfortable income (and the space), the investment may be worth it for this soundproof, comfy, and configurable space.

You can, however, make do with the places that are already available as a beginner. Under the stairs, basements, cars, and even closets (stuffed with clothes to absorb sound) are all good places to record. 


A home VO studio may work wonders for you and your profession, whether you’re a seasoned voiceover actor with dozens of credits under your belt or you’re just getting started. A home voiceover studio is also a terrific method to supplement your income while staying in the comfort of your own home or apartment (you don’t even have to change out of your jammies), and you can work on your own schedule. Another excellent alternative is to use Azuni Voice. You can hire the company to assist you in quickly producing professional voiceovers at a low cost and sending them to your clients.

The Influence of Voice-Over in E-Learning

There’s no denying it: the e-learning voice-over industry is booming. People have become aware of the possibility of learning through the use of technology in large numbers. This allows them to take advantage of courses built expressly for cellphones and portable devices. Audiovisual cues are also used in these courses to teach their audiences in a more interesting and effective manner than standard academic material.

This movement necessitates the availability of a pool of dependable e-learning voice-over talent. Only half the battle is won when it comes to creating hard-hitting content that is clear, immediate, memorable, and concise. The second half is using sound, primarily voice, to bring the content to life.

E-learning is a method of learning that is based on standardized, formalized instruction. The difference is that in this form of learning, the educational material is delivered via digital, networked resources. Every technological instrument, including computers, the internet, and cellphones, can be turned into an education center.

The importance of voice-over in e-learning

So, why include voice-overs in the mix? Because you’d be better served if you used platforms that covered the entire range of multimedia! What do you mean by that? The solution is thankfully straightforward. Scientific study has conclusively demonstrated that those who learn through audiovisual cues learn more effectively. We’ve only included one study here, but there’s plenty of evidence to back up this claim.

This is because learning increases when auditory and visual clues are combined:

  • Perception.
  • Sensitivity.
  • Memory plus concept retention are important.

“Multisense processing” refers to the combination of several components. Are you beginning to see how the e-learning voice-over fits into this? That’s true, it’s the ideal tool for taking advantage of multisensory processing!

The mix of visuals and spoken word is incredibly effective learning content. This is true for all types of materials! The concept of e-learning can be applied to a wide range of topics, not simply traditional “school” materials. They are applicable to:

  • Courses in traditional academic learning. Universities have even taken to the internet!
  • Courses that are shorter, more intensive, and non-standardized.

Learning materials for businesses. This includes presentations, courses, and training materials, among other things. Consider how you can introduce fresh information to your employees.

Elements of branding and marketing Consider “explainer films” and other educational branding strategies. E-learning is anything that goes into great depth about a product or service.

Is the image starting to take shape? This is due to the clear advantages of this learning method.

If you seek a slice of the pie, we believe you want to make a good first impression. Contact Azuni Voice to schedule professional voice-over services. Here are our pricing and some examples of our work.

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