Common Marketing Mistakes People Make

By Azuni Voice Marketing errors can cost your company a lot of money in missed sales and other expenses. In rare situations, marketing mistakes may even result in a public relations issue. A successful marketing plan will link you with the right clients, get individuals talking about your firm, present your service or product toContinue reading “Common Marketing Mistakes People Make”

Habits Of Successful Salespersons

By Azuni Voice A competent salesperson has more to give clients than an attractive pitch. They are enthusiastic persons with resilience who take the time to learn about their customers’ requirements, demonstrate empathy, and deal in a product confidently. They also know how to deal with rejection and learn from both their successful and unsuccessfulContinue reading “Habits Of Successful Salespersons”

Clever Ways To Advertise Your Business

By Azuni Voice Advertisements fall into two categories: those that blend in and those that grab our attention. As a business, you should concentrate on the latter. These are the eye-catchers that make us smile unexpectedly. They’re the ads we don’t see very often, and they’re the ones we admire for their unadulterated inventiveness andContinue reading “Clever Ways To Advertise Your Business”